Welcome (Back) To Switzerland

Cute Swiss towns and villages. The Swiss Alps. Glaciers, rivers, lakes and alpine meadows. Happy cows and cheese, Swiss wine…

Italian vibes in Ticino and French in Valais. Cute black faced sheep and long haired goats in Zermatt.

All are waiting for you, to travel here again.

First week of June, Switzerland announced further easing of (leisure) travel, inland and international. Which will be executed in the coming weeks and months. Making the travel possible, finally again.

First opening are the borders to and from Austria, Germany and France. Also, traveling to Italy from Switzerland is free, but still we have to wait for further announcements how it is for travels from Italy to Switzerland.

EU-countries will follow 15th of June and Schengen countries in July.

Then, it’s just which “boutique” town you choose for parterre lunches. For dipping in the Swiss rivers and lakes from the various urban badi’s opened recently too. Or taking a dip from your own secret spot in sunrise or sunset.

Maybe Bern. Or Luzern. Or Zürich.

Or maybe you prefer a mountain resort for all kinds of great outdoor adventures? Hiking, biking, and well earned glass of good swiss wine with great views to a famous mountain top?

Or maybe, you prefer standing on the mountain top, like on Titlis in 3000m (=10 000 ft). Aadmiring the more or less snowy frozen views and glaciers, like in the pics below.

Or bivaking near those tops, that works as well.

Titlis View Tiina Kivelä

Buddha Engelberg Titlis 2019

Melchsee-Frutt Tiina Kivelä

MTB Zermatt

Gornergrat Zermatt Tiina Kivelä

Meglisalp Alpstein

Swiss spas and saunas are also waiting for the wellness travelers, as well as well worked hiker feet and biker legs.

And – kind of for the first time ever – you may visit JungfraujochGornergrat or the top of Titlis without the usual massive tourist groups. Some even come with special offers valid just for this summer.

That if something makes Switzerland even more luxury Hotel Luzern this summer. Because what else is luxury than space and freedom and safety and unspoilt nature?

Trübsee Engelberg 2019

Sep 2020

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